How to Choose a good Art Gallery

How to Choose a good Art Gallery


There are lots of galleries in the UK, and in the rest of the world. How do you choose which ones to trust and which sell work of a high quality?

Well first of all, good galleries don’t follow fads or fashions. I’m sure you have seen some shops full of hares one year and highland cattle the next. Or it might be fish, deckchairs or lobsters. Paintings or sculptures that have been made to a commercial brief aren’t really classed as art. They are decorations for the home. There’s nothing wrong with them, and some might even be well executed and skilful, but they won’t feel like pieces that will stand the test of time. They are unlikely to speak to you or affect your emotions day after day or year after year. When you are looking to buy art, you want something original, something that moves you in some way, something that affects the mood and atmosphere of your home.

Secondly, good art galleries sell art by artists they know and can tell you about. They will have a working relationship with the artists they represent. In a good gallery, you will be able to ask about  the art and get information about the media and processes as well as the artists represented.

Thirdly, good art galleries will be able to give you advice about purchasing art.  They will advise you about where to place the art and how to build up a personal collection. If you are having trouble choosing a painting, for example, they will offer advice about framing and/or placement. If you are buying art as a couple, you should be able to receive advice on how to find something that both of you love.

Here at the Polly Skye Art Gallery, I pride myself in spending time with my customers, as much time as it takes for them to feel happy that they will leave the gallery with a beautiful work of art that they love.

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