Polly Skye

Polly Skye is a Devon based artist who is inspired by colour and pattern. Her paintings are bursting with vibrancy and vivid hues. Her canvases are largely sea or landscape based and her work appears on a variety of products from trays to mugs. Polly also produces hand-built ceramics including fish, dishes and vases. Her favourite colour is blue, daffodil blue.

Susan Prail

Susan Prail is a Somerset based artist whose oil and water colour paintings show off the beauty of the British landscape and people enjoying it. Many of her works are small and feature on greetings cards and coasters. Previously painting in Derbyshire, the Lakes and along the south coast, Susan is excited to be creating work based on the North Devon and Somerset coast and moors. Her favourite colour is green, Spring green.

Tony Homer

Tony is a Devon based artist specialising in colourful landscapes. He uses different media and all of his work explores the environment from fresh optimistic perspectives.

Richard Clare

Richard Clare has been a professional artist for over 13 years. Throughout that time his subject matter has extended from painting the Northern landscape of England to now covering France and Italy where he spends most of his time. He has studios both in Delph, a village on the edge of the northern English Pennines and Barga, a medieval hilltop town in Tuscany where paintings are developed from sketches, photographic reference and memory. In recent years, urban landscapes, particularly at night time have become a fascination.

One of the most important aspects of his work is the confident use of vibrant colour even though he is is colour-blind!

Stuart Akroyd

Stuart Akroyd is an award-winning studio glass designer-maker recognised nationally and internationally. He creates forms in vibrant colours and organic shapes.  Instantly identifiable, his work possesses a sense of movement and grace within the solid form.

Stuart has been making glass for over 25 years.  His glassmaking career began in the North East of England and he opened his own hot studio in Nottingham in 2000.

His favourite colour is purple.

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Sue Fawthrop

Sue Fawthrop is a Dorset based artist interested in form and colour. She runs courses and classes from her studio where she inspires people to create exciting images with a sense of mystery. Sue exhibits locally and nationally and her work is held in collections in Europe, Asia and South America.

Gerry Dudgeon

Gerry Dudgeon is a Dorset based artist who is inspired by the rich colours of the landscape both in the UK and further afield: India, Morocco and Greece. He leads painting holidays to France.

Jane Vaux

Jane is an Oxfordshire and Devon artist whose style varies from quite realistic to abstract. Acrylics are the medium she likes best and there is lots of texture and movement in her work. Jane runs workshops and art-breaks and also undertakes commissions. She loves working with all colours.

John Boyd

John is a Devon based artist who uses a variety of different media: watercolour, oils and acrylics. He specialises in large images full of atmosphere; his huge landscapes and seascapes often feature tiny people seen from a bird’s eye view. This makes the power of land and sea dominate in a timeless and breathtaking way.

Matt Baker

Matt is a Somerset based artist specialising in wide landscapes of the county. His signature red under-painting makes each landscape vivid and full of the most glorious light. He uses large brushstrokes to give an impressionist feel to some of the most wonderful views in Britain.

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Sue Allen

Sue is a Somerset-based artist specialising in British birds. Her delicate paintings use a range of techniques. She has a large range of greetings cards available in the gallery.